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Choose Framingham Newsletter Survey

  1. Thank you for your willingness to participate in our survey.
  2. 1. How many issues of the Choose Framingham newsletter did you read in 2018?
  3. 2. How many Choose Framingham articles do you read every month?
  4. 3. Which kind of Choose Framingham article do you read most frequently?
  5. 4. Please check if you are a member of the following:
  6. 5. What kind of subject line prompts you to open the Choose Framingham newsletter email?
  7. 7. How often do you click through a link in the newsletter?
  8. 8. Why do you click through a link in the newsletter?
  9. If you would like to contact us or are interested in receiving the Choose Framingham newsletter, please email
  10. Leave This Blank: