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COVID-19 Recovery - Small Business Survey

  1. 2. Does your business offer, or plan to offer in the near future, take-out, curbside pickup or delivery service?
  2. 4. Please describe the size of your business, in terms of revenue and employees:
  3. 10. Since the onset of COVID19-related restrictions, how has your business activity changed? Mark an answer in each column:
  4. 13. Have you contacted lenders or other sources of credit for financial assistance to cover revenue loss/business interruption from the COVID19 epidemic?
  5. 14. If your business is closed due to COVID19 epidemic, what sort of help do you require to resume business operations?
  6. Thank you for answering this survey – We appreciate your response! Stay in the know with the City of Framingham. Text: JOIN FRAMINGHAMMA to 30890 for City COVID-19 Information Updates.
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