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Businesses in Framingham

World-class companies choose world-class locations. Companies like Bose, Staples, SanofiLifeline, and TJX have chosen Framingham. Framingham offers businesses an easy connection to I-90 (the MassPike) along the Boston / Worcester corridor and an unparalleled collection of amenities that are clustered here. The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council has rated Framingham as “platinum” on its list of BioReady communities.

Framingham also offers extensive rail access to facilitate the transport of goods and services. Frequent commuter service between Boston and Worcester provides connections to Amtrak and Acela reaching the whole East Coast.
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View of genzyme building on new york ave - modern design with glass and steel latice framework

Employment Opportunities

Our workforce is one of the most diverse and highly educated in the state. Employment opportunities are as varied as our population with strong retail, corporate, biotech, and health services sectors bringing in a large number of workers every day.

Once here, people come to love Framingham and many opt to shorten their commutes by moving to Framingham. As a result, Framingham has developed a skilled, educated, and experienced pool of residents that companies located here can easily access.

Start Your Business in Framingham!

Exceptional location and access, world class amenities, an educated and hard working local population - it’s hard to beat Framingham as a location for doing business!

Framingham Employment Report

With a population of nearly 70 thousand calling it home and over 2500 establishments operating within its boundaries, it's no surprise that Framingham plays host to a diverse and highly skilled labor pool! To better understand this vital aspect of oCity of Framinghams recovery data templateur community, the EDIC partnered with Framingham State's MetroWest Economic Research Center (MERC) to conduct an in-depth review of employment across the City. The first report was commissioned in 2015. In early 2020, the EDIC commissioned a follow up report including an analysis of change in the last five years since the first report. The updated report shows how key sectors have increased and that Framingham is still solidly the economic engine of the MetroWest region with a diverse economy and over 49,000 jobs. While the data reflects a "pre-pandemic" snapshot, it shows a community that is desirable and well-positioned for recovery.

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