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Located in the northwest portion of the city, the center of this community is Nobscot Village, the area's commercial district at the intersection of Edgell Road and Water Street / Edmands Road. But Nobscot is so much more.

From the serene farms to the west of the village to the imposing heights of Nobscot Mountain and Doeskin Hill to the north, verdant pathways of the renowned Garden in the Woods to the east, and extensive trails of Callahan State Park, Nobscot is a place of natural beauty as well as the home of numerous residents, businesses, and other institutions. Take a look around our website and see everything Nobscot has to offer!


The name Nobscot is derived from the Algonquin word Penobscot, which means "the place where the rocks open out." The colonial settlers in the area shortened it to Nobscot. In the earlier colonial era it was known as Brackett's Corner, named for Solomon Brackett, who owned a bakery at the intersection of Edgell and Edmands Roads, late in the 18th century.
black and white image of the old nobscot school - slightly grainy pic of a small wooden building
Still the most undeveloped section of Framingham, Nobscot was a sleepy village consisting of a chapel, a school, and a combination post office / library, surrounded by farm fields and orchards, until the suburban boom of the 1950s. There are still numerous 18th and 19th century homes and public buildings within Nobscot - just look for the date board, which lists the date it was built, and sometimes the original owner or use, mounted on the front or side of the building.

The largest commercial enterprise prior to the post-war suburban build-out was the Nobscot Springs bottled spring water company, which tapped its product at the base of Nobscot Hill. This era brought the village landscape that we see today, including the numerous subdivisions of single-family homes, apartment buildings, shopping plazas, the fire station, and what is still today the area's only traffic light.

(Information courtesy of Nobscot Neighbors)


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